An ancient Middle Age village, eight cardinals and a fortress.

If you are in a hurry and you want to add Brisighella to your agenda of places to visit, our suggestion is: forget it!  The first thing to do when you arrive in Brisighella, is to take your time: to breath; to look around to the near and distant hills that surround this medieval village; to see the transparent rock-mineral you are walking on (in Italian we call it “pietra di luna”, “moon stone”); to walk around the narrow tracks that after a while merge with rocky paths.
Here in Brisighella, nature is mingled with history, so you can find ancient medieval buildings, literally carved into the stone, or framed against grapevines and olive trees.

This is a special place and the main ruling powers of the past got it very fast, as they they decided to make it one of the crucial defensive site of this region. The ancient fortress and the clock tower still stand there, at the top of the two hills surrounding this little town, to witness the importance that it it had from the Middle Age to the end of the 18th century.
Part of the fascination of this place is represented by the town centre, characterized by an ancient public, roofed street, called Via degli Asini (Donkeys Road, or Hamlet’s road), probably built throughout the latter part of the XIV century. Toady the Via degli Asini is the perfect location for marriage photo shoots, or… for more modest, but nevertheless cute, selfies!

HD tours:

  • Main park (Parco Ugonia) and “Monument to the Sleeping Soldier”; walk to the main square and visit to the main church (Collegiata di San Michele Arcangelo); Via degli Asini and walk to the panoramic road that begins there.
  • Visit to the ancient medieval church Pieve Tho (3 km from the town centre), mainly built with reused and recycled building material (bricks, stones, columns, etc).

Upon request (but strongly recommended!):

Olive oil tastings by a local olive oil producer 
Brisighella is one of the most important area in Italy for the production of extra-virgin olive oil.
So, my suggestion is to give you some time to visit an olive oil mill and to taste this special product, that is the “king” of the Mediterranean cuisine. No matter if you go for fruity, bitter, or pungent olive oil, I am sure you will find your favourite one!